Bowden cable from Rebe GmbH

We specialize in the production and development of cables, Bowden cables and actuators from prototype to small and large series.

Rebe GmbH has the largest selection of Bowden cables worldwide

Vine manufactures its uniquely designed and developed Bowden cable to a globally consistent standard. Today, the Bowden cable is produced for a wide range of controls and for a wide range of applications. Starting with a cable pull, throttle cable, clutch cable, control cable up to heavy cables for brakes and transmission called brake cable or train and pressure cable.

Rebe Bowden cables are the industry standard for the world’s most successful manufacturers of agricultural vehicles, construction vehicles and material vehicles as well as road vehicles.

Bowden cables and cables for land and construction machinery, commercial vehicles, mechanical engineering, medical technology, office furniture and much more!

We are at your disposal for individual requests. From development to production, we are your contact for all products where remote control is involved.

Whether agricultural machinery, construction machinery, vintage cars or other vehicles. Just ask us.

We are also able to shape your company name or your individual product name on your ordered cables. Thus, you have quality Made in Germany with your name and your company name.