These dependable, easy-to-use handsets are standard industry products and have been continually improved and refined since their introduction over 20 years ago.

Typically, these products are used where a hand lever is changed with a Helix cable or a wire rope into a remote release.

Areas of application range from manual throttle to complicated applications in vehicles with two-hand control.

The manufacturers of industrial vehicles rely on the wide selection of Rebe one-hand controls to increase the performance of their machines.

As a basic unit, the ReBe box consists of a body, cover, gear and the transition piece. The cable interference can be configured differently – see the example.

We are at your disposal for individual requests. From development to production, we are your contact partner for all products where throttle controls are involved.

Whether agricultural machinery, construction machinery, vintage cars or other vehicles. Just ask us.

We are also able to emboss your company name or your individual product description on your ordered cable. Thus, you have quality Made in Germany with your description and your company name.

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