shift gate

MK8 manual switching device 209270

The MK8 manual shift unit (RMS) provides a highly efficient solution for controlling manual transmissions in trucks where the cab is placed over the engine, rear-engined buses and a range of mid-engined vehicles. In general, this switching unit is recommended wherever the gearbox is installed at a distance from the driver.

Based on separate cables for the shift and select operation, this unit also has the advantage of adjustable stops on the length of the travel for the selector lever train.

Suitable for Daimler Scania and Evobus

MK6 centers manual switching device for buses

The MK6 (RMS) manual control unit is a compact, low-profile unit that can be installed in the dashboard and provides efficient gear control for manual transmissions in a variety of vehicles. The vertical cable outlets have the additional advantage of providing a mounting option for the fairing or the mounting of a steering column.
This in turn facilitates the creation of a passageway in the cab during development.

In combination with the servo translation, the MK6 is particularly suitable for heavier gearboxes and longer cable ways, as they are e.g. in coaches with engine at the rear.

Suitable for Daimler, Evobus, Iveco and Van Hool